Friday, November 7, 2014

Measure your words #5series

Today I wanted to share a thought and concern for my fellow followers of Christ.  

In a culture and time when our words are misconstrued and used out of context we find ourselves almost paralyzed to speak our hearts and minds and with the advent of social media our words travel faster and have a deeper reach than ever before, so my thoughts today are about the value of the words we speak (or type)...  
Someone once told me that "the greater your influence the more your words should be measured with wisdom."  Today, with outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your influence is far deeper than you realize. So just measure (understand their impact) and think before you type (or speak). As Christ followers our words and actions should point to Jesus. So here is my end game with this.... To go along with the November Series "5" at Living To Go Church I want to challenge all of you.... Make a point to use your influence for good! 
This week make 5 efforts... posts, shares, calls, emails, snail-mails... whatever you're chosen medium is and speak a "measured" word to the people within your circle of influence. Let's point people to Jesus!      #5series

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